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9-15 weeks: Come see your tiny blessing for the first time!

16+ weeks:  Want to know the sex of your baby?  Come anytime after 16 weeks! 

14-20 weeks: See your whole baby in one shot.  Facial features not clear yet. 

21-27 weeks: Facial features are starting to become defined, and you'll still see a majority of your baby in one image.

28-32 weeks: This is ideal for a 4D or HD session.  Your baby's facial features are very defined, they are the perfect size for viewing.

33-36 weeks: Even though your baby is nearly full grown, we can still get quality images.  Just think of it as more of a close up session.

37+ weeks: At this point, your baby is typically head down and running out of room.  4D & HD is not impossible, but cannot be guaranteed.


Tiny Blessings Ultrasound Packages

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  Clients should hydrate well the week of your ultrasound appointment!!  Scan will not be clear if you are not well hydrated!! 

All ultrasounds are done by appointment only!!

Teeny Tiny Blessing $75

* Available from 8+ weeks

* 5 minute 2D ultrasound

* calculate baby's heartbeat

* 2  B&W printed pictures

* $10 off a future visit

Tiny Blessing 2D Gender Special with 3D/4D Sneak Peak $115

* 25 minute ultrasound
* Hear & calculate baby's heatbeat
* find out boy or girl (must be atleast 16 weeks) or additional 4D viewing time if no gender determination 
* 2 B&W printed pictures
* 10+ images on a CD or flash drive
* receive 10% off any boutique item

Tiny Blessing 2D  $85

* up to 15 minutes ultrasound

* Hear and calculate baby's heartbeat

* find out boy or girl (must be atleast 16 weeks)

* 2 B&W  printed pictures

* 10 + images on a CD or flash drive

Tiny Blessing $155

* up to 25 minutes ultrasound in 3D/4D  
* Hear and calculate baby's heartbeat
* find out/confirm boy or girl or get extra 4D viewing time of baby
* 2 B&W printed photos
* 10 +images on CD or flash drive
* must be atleast 16 weeks
* receive 10% off any one boutique item
* repeat this scan for $135


Super Saturday Special $100

Availabe First Saturday of the month.
* 20 Minutes ultrasound in 3D/4D
* Hear and calculate baby's heartbeat
* Find out boy or girl (must be atleast 16 weeks)
* 2 B& W printed pictures
* 10 +images on a CD or flash drive
* no rescan available on this discounted special

Optional Add-ons

DVD Recording    $15.00
Additional CD       $15.00
Additional Flash Drive $15.00
Each Additional Prints    $5.00
Heartbeat Animals Coming Soon  $40.00


More About Tiny Blessings Ultrasound

Why Tiny Blessings

We welcome small groups to attend your appointment with you.  We invite you to share your experience with the people you love.  
We have a large screen TV for all to view.  There is comfortable seating in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 
Tiny Blessings is located downtown Dublin on Madison Street. Our facility is easily accessible with plenty of free parking.  We have a parking lot in the  front of & the side of our building. 
Here at Tiny Blessings you are not just another number.  We take our time with each session to make sure you are satisfied with your experience.
We are all about the experience!! We understand how special these moments are!! Life is a miracle!!! We will treat you as just such!!


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If these hours do not fit into your schedule give us a call and we can adjust our time for you.


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Tiny Blessings Ultrasound is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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